Attics, Atlanta, GA

Our technicians can perform attic inspections to look for signs of damage.

Attics in Atlanta, Georgia

The attic in a home is the space between the roof and the ceiling of the highest floors. Some attics are large enough for storage and other uses, while others don’t offer that much space. Most attics are full of insulation, and some also house HVAC equipment and other critical components. The location of the attic at the top of a structure makes it a prime location for moisture damage and mold growth, both of which are concerning issues in a living space. Moisture can seep through a damaged roof and spread throughout the space quickly.

Mold growth is a side effect of excess moisture, and many people suffer from allergies to it. Dealing with mold in your home can be frustrating and concerning, so it’s important to know what’s going on in your attic. Excess moisture can also cause damage to the insulation in the attic, which can lead to a loss of energy efficiency and a rise in monthly energy bills.

Many people spend little to no time in their attics, so moisture problems and mold growth can go undetected. Our team at Resistance Roofing works closely with those located in and around Atlanta, Georgia to provide a range of services designed to protect residential structures. One of those services is attic inspections, which we recommend if a structure has been hit by a major storm. Our technicians can perform attic inspections to look for signs of damage, as well as assess the moisture levels, insulation condition, and potential for mold growth.

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